Department of Physics

Department of Physics

Based on the admission policy of College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of Physics welcomes students who are keen on contributing to the future development of science and technology as well as industry by acquiring fundamental academic skills and professional knowledge necessary for development of modern and advanced science and technology.

The department employs various selection methods to accept students who meet these conditions. As a prerequisite, students are required to meet the following criteria.

    • 1. Students who have healthy intellectual curiosity and creativity that is not confined to existing ideas.

    • 2. Students who hold deep interest in diverse cultures and societies and can positively overcome any differences.

    • 3. Students who can carefully examine the complex workings of nature, human beings, and society, and can come up with questions.

    • 4. Students who are keen on practically contributing to the society and the world by solving problems.

    • 5. Students who have basic communication skills centered around Japanese.