Semesters and Diploma

The College of Humanities and Sciences is a four-year college. The academic year runs from April through March (although most classes finish in January) and is divided into two semesters, the first of which begins in early April with the examination period in mid July. After the summer break, the second semester begins in mid to late September. The examination period for the second semester is carried out in late January.

After compiling enough credits for an undergraduate program, and meeting the requirements of each department, a student may earn a university diploma (Bachelor’s Degree). Though the majority of students graduate at the end of March, it is also possible to graduate at the end of September.

Graduate students are required to write a thesis or dissertation to attain a degree (Master’s/PhD. degree).

Currently, most lectures are delivered in Japanese, and there are a number of Japanese language courses, which are designed to help international students improve their Japanese language proficiency.