Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Nihon University aims at developing human resources who can promote cultural development and contribute to world peace and welfare of mankind by cultivating the spirit of “independent creativity”.

Based on this philosophy, the College of Humanities and Sciences aims to cultivate human resources who can learn the fundamentals of the extensive fields encompassing the humanities, social studies, and sciences, who will acquire deep knowledge that will bridge the “humanities” and “sciences”, and who will acquire practical skills to blend and make use of this knowledge for contributing to the modern society. The department wishes to admit students who understand our objective, will strive towards solving global issues by changing themselves and the society, and who are extremely ambitious and passionate.

The Department of Mathematics has stipulated the following admission policies based on the diploma and curriculum policies following Nihon University’s philosophy and the College of Humanities and Sciences objective of cultivating human resources.

    • 1. Students who have healthy intellectual curiosity and creativity that is not confined to existing ideas.

    • 2. Students who hold deep interest in diverse cultures and societies and can positively overcome any differences.

    • 3. Students who can carefully examine the complex workings of nature, human beings, and society, and can come up with questions.

    • 4. Students who are keen on practically contributing to the society and the world by solving problems.

    • 5. Students who have basic communication skills centered around Japanese.

    • 6. Students who will acquire logical ability from studying abstract mathematics and practical ability useful for the society from the study of applied mathematics and are eager to contribute extensively to the mankind and society by leveraging the knowledge and skills.