Department of Chemistry

Chemistry, a branch of learning that is beaming with opportunities, creates a variety of materials such as synthetic fibers, plastic, pharmaceutical products, and semiconductors that are indispensable to modern society.

The field of Chemistry is expected to play a substantial role in solving various issues such as depletion of resources and energy sources, food shortage, population problem, and environmental pollution that will be faced by the mankind.

In order to meet these expectations from the field of chemistry, the Department of Chemistry is committed to cultivating human resources who can contribute to the progress of chemistry and scientific techniques by adopting a wide perspective.

Thus, in addition to the admission policy of the College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of Chemistry admits students from inside and outside Japan who meet at least one of the following criteria.

    • 1. Individuals who hold profound interest in chemistry and are eager to learn it more deeply

    • 2. Individuals who like to conduct chemical experiments and have healthy curiosity about unknown phenomena

    • 3. Individuals who aim to work in various fields by acquiring knowledge and skills related to chemistry

    • 4. Individuals who are passionate about education and aspire to become science teachers for junior high school and high school