Department of Information Science

Department of Information Science

Based on the admission policy of the College of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of Information Science admits students who hold deep interest in information science and have intense passion for learning the fundamentals of information science and information technology from various aspects including programming and mathematics, thereby contributing to the development of information society.

The department employs various selection methods to accept students who meet these conditions, but as a prerequisite, students are required to meet the following criteria.

    • 1. Students who hold deep interest in information technology and mathematics supporting it and have creativity not confined by their existing ideas.

    • 2. Students who are interested in new technologies and actively respond to the changes in information technology.

    • 3. Students who can carefully examine the impact of information technology on the society and come up with questions.

    • 4. Students who are eager to practically contribute to the society and the world by solving issues using information technology.

    • 5. Students who have fundamental academic skills necessary to learn information technology and mathematics.