International Programs and Lectures

The College of Humanities and Sciences has an academic exchange agreement with the following foreign universities and holds research exchange projects, exchange programs for foreign students, and sends students abroad.

As of March 2018

  • China

    Peking University
    East China Normal University
    The Education University of Hong Kong

  • Korea

    Korea University
    Silla University

  • Taiwan

    National Taiwan Normal University

  • UK

    University of Kent

International Studies Courses


Exchange students can take the courses in the College of Humanities and Sciences (held in Japanese) and the International / Japanese Studies Courses (held in English). The curriculums can change every fiscal year, so please check carefully before registration.

International Studies Courses

    • Introduction to Arts and Science Studies in English,part1

    • Introduction to Arts and Science Studies in English,part2

    • The Idea of "Life" in East Asia

    • Chinese and Japanese Comparative Literature

Japanese Studies Courses

    • History of Japan 1

    • History of Japan 2

    • Japanese Society 1

    • Japanese Society 2

    • Japanese Literature 1

    • Japanese Literature 2

    • Japanese Culture 1

    • Japanese Culture 2

    • Environmental Geography of Japan 1

    • Environmental Geography of Japan 2

    • Japan in the World 1

    • Japan in the World 1

* Our college aims to offer the following courses taught in English, However, not every course is offered every year.