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Information for International Students

The College of Humanities and Sciences provides various avenues of support to facilitate international student life.

Life in Tokyo

Although there is no dormitory on the campus, an abundance of apartment houses and flats are available within commuting distance. The monthly rents range from 50,000-100,000 yen. The Office of Student Affairs is able to assist those who are in search of a suitable place.

There are several cafeterias on campus, which provide a variety of foods at reasonable prices. Japanese, other Asian and Western foods are available daily. The College is located near the central part of Tokyo, and very near Shinjuku, one of the liveliest downtown areas of Tokyo. There are a number of excellent theaters, museums, art galleries and other facilities in proximity to the campus. These attractions will greatly enrich student life.

Studying in Tokyo is not a disheartening experience for nature-lovers. Just a one-hour train ride from Tokyo will take you to beautiful mountain areas surrounding the capital city of Tokyo. These natural areas are a heaven for bird-watchers, hikers, history buffs and sightseers.

Mt. Fuji, one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, is not far away. Students may enjoy its picturesque view from several buildings on the campus. Many travel agencies have day tours from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji as well as other spots around Tokyo.

International student events

The College provides various avenues of support to facilitate international student life.

  • April

    New international student guidance, Welcome party for new international students
  • June

    Study tour for international students
  • January

    Guidance for international student life


The tuition for the academic year varies, depending on which department the student belongs to. It ranges from 1,270,000 yen -1,660,000 yen for the first year, and 1,010,000 yen -1,400,000 yen for the second year and thereafter. The tuition is subject to change, and those who would like to obtain detailed information may contact the college.


International students who have not obtained government support can apply for a reduction of up to 20% of the tuition. Those who are interested may contact the college (Office of Student Affairs) to get detailed information.
There are a number of scholarships and financial aids for students, some of which are solely for international students.

Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance (optional)

In Japan, a guarantor is required when renting a room. Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for International Students Studying in Japan is available to international students in the case of a College administrator acting as a guarantor. (Available through the “Japan Educational Exchanges and Services”)

Amount of indemnity and premium
Period of indemnity 1 year 2 years
Premium ¥4,000 ¥8,000
Coverage Covered person Amount of indemnity
International Students’ Liability Insurance International Student Up to ¥50 million per accident
Insurance for a disability resulting from injury International Student Up to ¥2.4 million
Guarantors’legal liability Guarantor Up to ¥300,000